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Therapists Are Using Tiktok To Spread Mental Health and Healthy Relationship Tips and We’re ❤️ing it

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

In the therapy room, therapists are no longer the stoic, “serious”, and “blank slate professionals” that the culture historically depicted them as.

As therapy has evolved, we realize that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most powerful tools of healing based on trust, empathy, validation, and acceptance fostered in the therapy room. While it’s true that the therapists should not bring their own emotional issues into the room, it’s critical that therapists show up professionally and authenticity- to show clients that we are compassionate, empathetic, trustworthy, collaborative, and most importantly, human. Even though we are trained in mental health, clients are ultimately the experts of their own lives and experiences.

It’s been really refreshing to see therapists defy the “blank slate” concept by normalizing our authenticity, duality, and complexity as human beings. This inspires clients and viewers to embrace their own individuality, complexities, and uniqueness. Therapists have been sharing relatable content on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TickTok, and Facebook with the mission of educating and spreading knowledge around the world with content that’s both informative and entertaining.

And it’s working! Some therapists have skyrocketed their visibility with millions of views on their content.

Here are some TikTok therapists you should check out, no matter what age you are!

Therapists you should follow for mental health and relationship content on Tiktok:



@ lindsay.fleming.

@ dr_julie_smith.

@ themadivlog. @therapyuntucked.





Do you have a favorite therapist Tik Toker? Let me know by commenting on this article so I can post an updated list next month!

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