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  • How do I use a digital planner?
    You can print the pages directly from your printer or upload the files on your tablet/computer to use like an ebook :) It's great as an ebook because you are buying 255+ pages with unlimited access to every single page. You can mix and match pages as you please to build yourself a custom planner that fits your exact needs!
  • Do you give refunds?
    No. Once you join, you have unlimited access to all of my content. You can cancel your membership at any time to avoid any future charges from accruing but no refunds will be rendered. I appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy the tools that come with this subscription!
  • Who runs planner therapy & co?
    Hi! I'm alexa and i'm a marriage and family therapist! I've been making planner pages for therapy work to help keep me organized in my job as a private practice MFT for the last two years. I'm big on working smarter, not harder. When I first started working, my documentation and organization would take me what felt like countless hours. The lack of structure was liberating and anxiety-producing at the same time. I started taking documentation really seriously and it became one of my anchors during my clinical work with clients. Time is our most precious resource. I wanted more time to spend on doing therapy, in addition to understanding the documentation process that underpins our clinical work. Why is this important? -More time means more potential growth as a therapist. -less cognitive load! =more energy and focus towards clients. less stress, less risk of burnout! -if we have more energy and time, we can see more clients. This means that we increase our revenue and more clients get quality care. If you're pre-licensed, this means more hours towards licensure. The upside is too good! -having a system gives you a structure to help you navigate any therapy position in the future. -organization is less physical clutter. My desk literally used to look like I was writing a novel with the amount of loose papers scribbed all over. Although I use some physical printables, I store most of the sheets on my iPad. I don't waste time running around looking for things and I have more physical space than ever before. The mental clarity and peace is 100% worth it, too.
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