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Ways to Empower your Daughter at Any Age

Here are some tips for cultivating an empowering parent-daughter relationship:

  1. Let your daughter know “Your Ideas Matter!” through active listening. Encourage your daughter to share her thoughts and opinions. Ask her what she liked best about her day and follow up with questions like “what did you learn about yourself today?”, “how did this experience make you feel?” or simply, “tell me more!”

  1. Reinforce that Beauty is loving your authentic self: Affirm your daughter by giving specific, positive feedback. Say “you were kind today when you helped your friend carry her backpack” rather than “you’re great!” And remember, embracing your own beauty will encourage your daughter to do the same.

  1. Share stories of inspiring women: Expose your daughter to strong female role models; whether it’s a family member or someone in the public arena. And tell your own stories. Who inspired or empowered you when you were growing up? What helped you find your voice?

  2. Support your daughter’s empowerment in concrete and creative ways: Spend time together making a collage or scrapbook of inspiring quotes or stories, cooking with grandma’s special recipe, or volunteering together. Your undivided attention and time spent together says “you are important to me and your voice matters.”

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