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The unsettling truth about the pressures women face in today’s society

This was a chilling rendition titled “girls, girls, girls”, highlighting the conflictual and confusing messages associated with societal expectations of women. Polarized phrases were emphasized such as “don’t be fat” “god you’re so thin, you look sick.” “You should be pure. You should be sexy. You’re too provocative. You’re too uptight.”

It’s important to bring attention to the unrealistic standards that are imposed on females within our culture.

A few things I thought could be helpful to ask yourself after watching this:

•what was relatable to me in this video? •did anyone ascribe to these views during your childhood (mom, sister, father, grandparents, caregivers, close friends, etc.)? Did you internalize any of these messages? •which do you believe is the most harmful? •how do these standards influence your current beliefs about yourself? •how do these expectations influence how you dress, communicate, and present yourself to others?

  1. How do you challenge these norms in your daily life?

  2. Which expectations do you want to unlearn?

  3. Which messages do you want to instill in women of future generations, either in your family or in general?

  4. Who are positive, realistic role models In your life or in media that inspire you?

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