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8 Ways to Overcome Imposter’s Syndrome


•Acknowledge that you might be experiencing imposters syndrome. What are the feelings and thoughts that come along with this for you? How does it impact your choices and how you behave? How long have you been feeling this way? Are there times you feel confident in your choices?

•Talk about it with others you trust. Disclosing these feelings to a mentor or peer can be incredibly helpful to know that you aren’t alone— in fact, it’s pretty normal to feel that way sometimes.

•Start challenging the negative thoughts you are having about yourself. When you have time, sit down and write down all of the positive feedback you have received from others that you can recall (family members, customers, clients, friends, mentors, or anyone else that you’ve come into contact with).

Write down examples of relatable people who have also experienced this feeling and how they dealt with it. Can you utilize any of these strategies yourself?

Develop and practice affirmations in times of confidence AND in times of self doubt (this can be sticky notes on your mirror, a note in your “notes” app on your phone, an alarm set for a specific time of the day with your affirmations as the tag line, a visual list you hang up in your bedroom or office, coping cards you keep in your purse/backpack/briefcase, or kept track of in a journal.)

Note the factual evidence that supports what you’re doing. (Example: attained a degree or certificate in your field. Gained experience at an internship or at a job, had personal life experiences that gave you insight, have observed the trade done before, etc.

•Identify your strengths and lean into them. We will always have things we can improve on, but building onto the areas where you are already proficient will help you feel a sense of peace and mastery in your profession. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey with the ebbs, flows, mistakes, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to learn, etc. If you’re going to compare yourself to anyone, compare yourself to the person you were before you made the decision to embark on this path. What have you learned so far? How have you grown? Have there been times where you’ve surprised yourself?

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