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3 Trendy Ways to Connect with your Partner/Spouse

  1. Download “The Gottman Card Deck” for free in the App Store. There are 14 separate sets of questions about multiple areas of your relationship; fun, leisure, goals, communication, sex, etc. The purpose of this exercise is to engage your partner on topics to foster bonding, fun, intimacy, connection, and communication. According to love experts, knowing your partner’s “internal world” is one of the most important parts of establishing a healthy relationship framework.

2. I’m obsessed with “Love Nudge”, the app where you can invite your partner to connect and establish mutual goals to better your relationship. The first step is identifying your love language. Then, the app gives you tons of recommendations for how to show your partner love and appreciation. On the app, you can record how full your “love tank” is that day, which can be seen by your partner. This is a great way for couples to keep track of progress towards goals and relationship satisfaction. You can also communicate and send ‘nudges’ through the app. Also, it’s a cute way to form new habits that makes both of you feel loved and appreciated.

3. “Do you know me” is a creative and fun card game developed to see how much you know about the other person. It’s a great opportunity to learn about your person. For creating connection, take turns pulling a card and guessing and telling stories about the answers. If you liked cards against humanity, you’ll love this one! When I played with my own partner, we were literally in tears laughing over some of the stories that went along with some of the raunchier cards. You can get it on amazon or walmart!

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