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10 Stress Relievers you’ll love when working from home!

  1. The most popular item in my own office is my zen garden! This sensory tool is so soothing and can come with multiple tools to add to it. It’s perfect for the offices of problem solvers and creative thinkers. Sensory activities like this can positivity stimulate your mind without us even realizing it! There are many sensory coping tools you can use (figit spinners, stress balls, putty, etc.) However, here are two that I thought were useful!

2. Add aromatherapy to your routine. Smells can help influence your mood; whether you wake yourself up with a cool burst of eucalyptus spearmint or chill out with lavender, it’ll definitely be a pleasant addition to your work flow.

3. Feeling overwhelmed, pressured, or stressed with your work load? Incorporate mindfulness tools to ground yourself and focus on the present moment. You can do mindfulness coloring, utilize meditation cards, or utilize specific apps like headspace and calm to add it to your routine for free.

4. This is a great little book with a ton of mini coping habits that are perfect to do in between task at work! Mindfulness, physical activity, and stress relief all contribute to increasing productivity! Aka, doing these things will actually improve your focus and serve you better long term.

5. Get social! Fun desk activities promote bonding and reenergizes you. It’s a fun way to increase positivity and motivation, whether it be with your roommate, sibling, kids, or partner.

7. Add motivational and visually appealing decor to the office. Positive self talk has a positive influence on how we operate and makes us more likely to grow from work setbacks then be paralyzed/discouraged by them. A really great addition to any work desk is a 365 day positive affirmation flip calendar. Check out the one below!

8. Relax that tension! Sitting for long period of time can have a lot of negative impacts on your body. Your desk chair puts a lot of stress on your back muscles, neck, and spine. It’s even worse if you slouch. Set yourself up to prevent or soothe sore/stiff muscles with these stress relieving tools to use right at your desk!

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