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Hilarious Couple Entertainment: 10 ways to honor your inner weirdo + get silly with your partner dur

  1. Switch it up with some unique new games! Make your partner laugh with “‘toilet tag”, “our moments”, and “do you know me?” Fun fact, positive novelty has an increases intimacy and attraction within your relationship, no matter what it is! Also, adding twists or changing rules to games you already have at home could be equally as fun!

2. Both working from home and feeling the boredom kick in? Switch it up by entertaining yourself with desk games and activities that relieve stress but don’t kill productivity. (How cute is desk cornhole and tick tack toe.) Also, if you have the opportunity to blast both of your favorite throwback jams, the music can recalibrate your thoughts, behaviors, + mood, rebooting your energy levels. It’s all in the name of motivating each other through the work day😂.

3. Leave silly messages for each other to see around the house. These can be compliments, jokes, funny memories, pickup lines… Anything that you think will make your partner smile. 😊 Having a white board (like the one below) is perfect if you want to make small gestures to your partner a routine! Having the ability to write and erase gives you an outlet to express yourself over and over again. This is also a great thing to do if you have kids to keep the spirit up in the house!

  1. 4. Look at old pictures you have growing up and as a couple. It’s always great to be able to look back and talk about times you’ve had together. Did you know that the way you remember the story of your relationship (in a mostly negative way or positive way) can influence your relationship satisfaction overall? Highlighting good memories can have a positive impact on the relationship long term. It’s a great way to cultivate gratitude, respect, and compassion for one another- And, of course, a few laughs.

5. If you want to confuse and amaze your partner at the same time, I have a different idea for you. I once read a story about a man coming home from work to a letter written from his wife and a package sitting on his front porch. The man opens the box to find a loaded Nerf gun and extra “ammo”. The letter wrote something like, “Welcome home, I’m hiding somewhere in the house. Once this is over let’s cook dinner. Happy hunger games.” His response was “….And this is why she’s my wife.” Whether it’s Nerf guns, building a fort, having a dance party, or just goofing around, bring out the inner child in one another. When was the last time you did something totally carefree and silly? (Check out the Nerf Gun set on Amazon or raid your kids toy bin!)

6. Make a new bucket list together of things you want to do when quarantine is over! If you want new and fun ideas, use something like “the Bucket List for Couples – F*ck it. Let’s Do This Bucket List 100 Challenge” listed above!

7. Agree to start saving for a mutual goal. Once you establish what you want to save for, have a competition to see who can find the most spare change laying around the house. Then, you guys can start adding to it as you get more change throughout the week. If you have kids, you can also have them participate as a fun way to pass the time and look forward to something as a team.

8. No shame spa night. Let your partner pick the products you use and apply them for you… no looking until they’re done! #selfcare #couplegoals

9. “I mean, they say these are good for stress!” 😂 Is there any anxiety surrounding the recent quarantine in the household? If your person likes raunchy humor, make them laugh by breaking up the tension with one of these hilarious gag gift stress balls. Between the increased time inside, potential relationship stress, anxiety related to the current state of the world, and all the other factors in life, it’s a recipe for excess energy and muscle tension. In all seriousness, if your partner is anxious, they may benefit from sensory coping strategies to ease mental and physical tension. You can swap out the silly stress ball for a serious one. Check out the article “helping your anxious partner cope” for more ideas on this.

10. Lastly, watch a new standup comedy show to get you guys cracking up while you wait out the virus. Check out the top 25 comedy stand ups on Netflix right now! Not into standup? No worries, we got something for you, too.

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